Security Expert

  • Gazelle Global Consulting
  • China
  • Nov 03, 2017
Contractor Information Technology Telecommunications

Job Description

Security Expert.

Looking for a Security Expert to join a long term project in China.

Job Description:

1. Familiar with building enterprise application security protection system, enterprise application security management framework, enterprise application security operation and maintenance framework, practical experience of enterprise application security vulnerability and threat analysis.

2. Familiar with common security tools, such as injection of DLP, DRM, API gateway, flow probe, WAF, etc., familiar with different security tools deployed in different scenarios.

Key Requirements:

1. More than 10 years of software development and testing experience, as a security and application testing expert priority.

2. Proficient in Coverity/fortify or similar security testing tools, especially in tool strategy selection and scheduling, has a wealth of practical experience.

3. Familiar with the field of information security, such as vulnerability analysis, threat analysis, security test cases, big data analysis modelling and so on.

4. English speaking, Chinese is a bonus but not essential.

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