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  • Nov 01, 2017
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Co-Workers required

This is a fantastic opportunity if you wish to travel and develop your life/ work experience!

Camphill Häggatorp is part of the Camphill movement consisting of over 100 communities in 20 countries. Some communities are placed in, or on the outskirts of towns whilst others are placed in the countryside. A Camphill community consists of people with special needs who live together with co-workers in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Life in Camphill is lived according to anthroposophical philosophy.

Camphill Häggatorp, is situated in the western part of Sweden and people with special needs, co-workers and visitors, live and work together on the Häggatorp estate. Everyone contributes to the community life according to his or her ability to do so. This may mean helping with household chores, administrative work, therapies, garden work, bakery, etc. Everyone takes part in the varied cultural and social life of the community with theatre, music, song, sport and other activities.

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Camphill Häggtorp is actively looking for new co-workers.
Co-workers do not draw a salary, but their reasonable needs are met by the community from its funds.